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WAFC Facility Rules

Whitewater Aquatic & Fitness Center Facility Rules

We are pleased to have you as a member or a guest.  In order to ensure safety and the enjoyment of the center for all, the following rules need to be followed:


  • Lap Pool: 249 Patrons

  • Leisure Pool: 249 Patrons

  • Whirlpool: 10 Patrons


  • The Front Desk is open Monday-Friday 5:30a-8:00pm, Saturday 7:00a-8:00pm, and Sunday 12:00p-6:00pm.

  • See the Weekly Pool Schedule for specific swim hours.

  • The Fitness Center is accessible any time the Front Desk is open, and also available 24/7 to members 18 and older.


  • Absolutely NO running in the facility. This includes hallways, locker rooms, Fitness Center, and the pool decks.

  • No profane or abusive language, fighting, or other harmful and/or destructive behavior.  Patrons engaging in these activities may be asked to leave the facility. The Whitewater Aquatic & Fitness Center reserves the right to prohibit or eject any person who may endanger the safety of others or self, or cause offense to others.

  • No carry-in food or beverages allowed. Food may be purchased at the concessions and eaten in the lobby concession area. Food is not allowed anywhere else in the facility.

  • Smoking, vaping, alcohol, or drug use is not allowed in the facility or on the facility grounds. Nor are individuals currently under the influence of any drug or alcohol.

  • Unclaimed lost and found items are donated to charity two weeks after they are found.

  • To maintain a professional and respectful environment for all employees and visitors, public displays of affection (PDA) are not permitted within the facility.  This includes, but is not limited to, kissing, prolonged hugging, and other forms of intimate physical contact.

  • NO animals allowed in the facility other than Certified Service Animals.


  • The WAFC is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

  • The WAFC reserves the right to remove any lock left on a locker over a 24-hour period.

  • The Family Locker Room is designated for parents with children of the opposite gender to use.  Please DO NOT bring children of the opposite gender into the Men’s or Women’s locker rooms.

  • Children 6 years and under may not be left unattended in the locker rooms.


  • No running on the deck or in the facility.

  • Children 12 and older may swim without adult/additional supervision.

  • Children under 12 must be accompanied by a responsible person at least 16 years old.

  • NO food or drink, gum, or tobacco in any of the pool areas.

  • Glass is prohibited on the pool deck.

  • Diaper changing is prohibited on the pool deck.

  • Patrons with long hair should tie it back.

  • Swimmers must shower before entering the pools and after using the restroom.

  • DO NOT enter the pool if you have an open cut or communicable disease.

  • DO NOT engage in rough play in the pool area. No chicken fighting, flips, sitting on shoulders, throwing, etc.

  • Spitting of water, blowing nose, or discharging bodily wastes in the pool is strictly prohibited.

  • NO DIVING! (Diving is only allowed in the 10 ft deep end of the Lap Pool)

  • Only forward-facing, feet-first jumps are allowed off the sides of the Leisure Pool and the shallow end of the Lap Pool. Dives and belly flops are allowed in the 10 ft area of the Lap Pool.

  • Waterwings and any non-facility provided blow up flotation devices are NOT allowed at any time.

  • Hard balls and toys are not allowed.

  • No dunking or pushing people into the water.

  • No hyperventilation or extended underwater swimming is allowed.

  • Pool equipment is available for use by adult simmers and water exercise classes only.  Pool noodles and soft balls are available.

  • Treat all WAFC provided equipment and toys with respect.

  • NO climbing, sitting, or hanging on any railings and pool section divider walls.

CURRENT CHANNEL RULES (Lazy River) – Depth 4 ft:

  • Children must be in an inner tube at all times to use the current channel.

  • All swimmers using the channel must be taller than 4 ft or be accompanied by an adult.

  • Inner tubes are to be used in the Current Channel only.

  • One person per tube, and one tube per person.

  • Stay in your tube until you are out of the channel.

  • DO NOT block the entrance to the current channel.

  • DO NOT climb on the middle wall.

  • DO NOT hang on railings if out of tube.

  • Only three tubes MAX are allowed in the middle circle.

WATER SLIDE RULES – Depth 3 ft 6 in:

  • One person is allowed on slide at a time.

  • No running, pushing, spitting and other forms of horseplay and misconduct allowed on the slide steps and platform.

  • Slide riders are required to sit or lay on your back with feet in front you.

  • DO NOT launch off of the railing.

  • DO NOT run, dive, stand, kneel, or rotate or stop in the slide.

  • Keep your hands inside the flume.

  • Wait for the attendant to signal you to go. Follow the instructions of the attendant.

  • You MUST BE 4 ft tall to ride the slide alone.

  • Sliders under 4 ft are required to either ride with an adult or be caught at the bottom of the slide.

  • Follow lifeguard instructions in the catch pool and exit immediately via the stairs. DO NOT exit under the lane lines into the other portion of the Leisure Pool.

  • NO hard plastic or flotation devices on the slide including life jackets, Puddle Jumpers, noodles, or toys of any kind.

  • NO cut-off jeans, zippers, buckles, rivets or metal on the slide.

  • For safety reasons: pregnant women or persons with back trouble or a heart condition should not ride the slide.


  • No sitting on the Whirlpool steps.

  • Children under 7 are not allowed in the whirlpool.

  • Children 7-12 must be accompanied by a parent.

  • No jumping or diving is permitted in the whirlpool.

  • Elderly persons and those with heart disease, diabetes, high or low blood pressure should not enter the whirlpool.

  • Pregnant women should consult their physician before using whirlpool.

  • Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs may not use whirlpool.

  • Lengthy exposure may be hazardous to your health and may result in nausea, dizziness or fainting.

  • Maximum Bather Load: 10 Persons. If max capacity is reached, children will be the first to be asked to exit the whirlpool.

LEISURE ZERO-DEPTH – 0 in to 2 ft

  • NO sitting, standing or blocking the floor jets.

  • NO hanging, climbing or sitting play structure.

  • NO running.

LAP POOL RULES – Depth 3 ft 6 in to 10 ft

  • Back jumps, back dives and flips are not allowed.

  • NO running jumps and running dives.

  • NO DIVING in shallow end.

  • Lifeguards reserve the right to have patrons perform a swim test to use the deep end.

  • Children who cannot swim must be accompanied by an adult at all times.  Adults who cannot swim must stay within chest-deep or more shallow water.

  • DO NOT use the starting block.

  • No hanging or sitting on the lane lines or buoy lines.

  • Snorkels, fins, and mermaid tails are only allowed to be used in the Lap Pool.

SWIM TEST: Individuals must swim front crawl 25 yards without stopping, and/or grabbing onto anything for support, from the shallow end to the deep end. *25 Yards = one whole length of the pool



  • Patrons must be 13 years or older to use Fitness Center unless part of an organized class.

  • After each exercise, wipe down your station with facility provided sanitizing wipes.

  • All weights and equipment must be returned to their proper place upon completion of exercise.

  • NO slamming weights on the floor or racks.

  • No videotaping or photographing other patrons or guests without their consent.

  • Be courteous to others patrons with space and let others “work in” with equipment during breaks.

  • Headphones are required to listen to music.  NO playing music out loud unless part of an organized class.

  • Please step out to make an extended phone call.  NO calls over speaker phone allowed.

  • NO street shoes, flip flops, sandals, or work boots allowed. Please bring a clean pair of shoes to change into before entering the Fitness Center.

  • If any piece of equipment malfunctions or breaks, please let the Front Desk staff immediately.


  • All patrons should use the club faciality at their own risk.

  • The WAFC is not responsible for any injuries sustained while using the facilities.

  • Any items found should be returned to the front desk. Any inquiries regarding lost articles and items should be made at the front desk.

  • For your safety and the safety of other patrons, our staff may make occasional recommendations to ensure proper equipment usage and general techniques.

  • The WAFC does not allow solicitation.

  • All patrons are to practice good hygiene while at the WAFC.  This includes, but is not limited to, showering before pool usage, wiping down equipment after use, and general personal cleanliness.

  • Any patron requesting special accommodations should contact the Front Desk at least 48 hours prior to the need.

The Whitewater Aquatic & Fitness Center does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, sex, age, marital status, national origin, religion, citizenship, disability, and/or health status. Whitewater Aquatic Center Inc. is a Non-Profit, 501.c.3 Charitable Community Organization dedicated to providing access to all patrons of the community and surrounding area.

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